In our kennel we strive to breed healthy puppies especially. We will be glad to future owners of puppies with us stay in touch.
I know, that every country has own system.... so in the Czech Republic we have a hard system of naming rules. 
Puppies from the first litter must be named by the letters A, from second litter of puppies from point B etc. If the breeder breeds of dogs more (like me), always the first litter of the breed starts from A. For example in our kennel we have two litter of border collie. Aywy had twice time puppies. First puppies named from letter A (Any, Alfirin, Abraham, Astonish Fleck et.) and puppies from second litter were named from B (Blessed Bessi, Blessed Baffi, Buba Babu, Brundibar)). Next litter of border colie will be from Aywy´s daughter Blessed Baffi Storytelling. And Baffis´s puppies will named from letter C (like Cassino, Citronie, Cid, Cykas etc. - I dodo not know yet).