Chinese crested dog 


Litter A Chinese srested dog

Born 10.5.2012
Three boys (two Hairless) and one Hairless Girl.
Artush China Storytelling 
Hairless, white with black flecks. His born weight: 120 g. Six week weight 810g. He is stud dog. His webpages.
Asset April China Storytelling
Hairless, white with black fleck. He has two black flacks on the back. His born weight: 130 g. Six week weight 920 g. He was so nice! 
Unfurtunetly April died young, he drowned.
Angela China Storytelling
She is white. She has only four little light-brown flecks on the eyes and eaers. She is Hairless too. Her born weight: 125 g. Six week weight 900 g. 
Azor Zorro China Storytelling.
Azor Zorro is PP. He is white with brown-black (sable) flecks. He is like ragdoll. He will be perfect canisterapeut probably. His born weight: 105 g. Six week weight 850 g. We have no more information.