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Czech kennel "Storytelling" is a kennel FCI in city Lysa nad Labem, near Prague the capital of Czech republic, Europe. We are training of rescue dogs. I am member of Czech USAR team from 2015. 

My name is Katerina Jancarikova - what about me?

I spend my childhood in Klatovy town with my granny and dogs and cat in the fantastic large garden. Then I started study at University to be biologist and lived in Prague. I was training little schnauzer (salt and pepper) Brad. After studies, I with my husband lived in Prague for 17 years. In the end we have four children, three dogs and two cats in our dark flat in typical Czech block of flats. The flat was tight for us. It was tight for our dreams too. We moved from block of flats three years ago. Now we have big house and big garden - best opportunity to start with breeding. I am biologist and ecologist, mother of four children (three boyes and one girl). I am working as a doctor of education at Charles University in Prague. But majority of my time I spend at home with my youngest child Jacob and my dogs, cats and the other animals. And with writting. I like stories. Stories are important in my live. Not only stories of Bible or stories from Old Greece but everyday´s stories too. I think that storytelling is a live style. My border collie Aywy is a excellent storyteller. And my canaan dogs also. When I was looking for the name of my kennel, I have chosen "Storytelling". I hope that our puppies will be good listeners and miracle narrators. And that they will be sources of happiness for their people. 

We live in Lysa nad Labem, Czech republic, Europe.

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People who are interested in dog, almost Canaan dogs, border collies, groenendaels... and pozitive motivation training, rescue dog training, mantrailing....