Our achievements

Orfi 2017
Orfi and myself were nominated on for 23rd IRO World Championship 2017 in Wien, Austria in category RH FLB. 
Orfi did RH TA 1.4.2017 
Aywy 2017 
INSERAG Estonia 25.2.-5.3.2017 - Aywy and myself
Aywy 2016 
Aywy and meself - we are members of Czech USAR searche team!!! Really! 
Aywy helped in accident 12.10.2016
I am very proud, my border collie Aywy z Ohromujíciho světa was in USAR action : gas explosion in family house in Kladno town in our Country. There weer 5 cynologist teams. We helped found the victim´s body. Photos and videos here
Orfi 2016
Orfi found the body of a missing person in the woods 17.11.2016
I am very proud of my young groenendael female Orfi. She found the body of missing people in search of the woods. The body was found in the sector, which we were assigned. We were part of a large search team. All the handlers and the dogs did a great job ofcourse.
Orfi did RH FLA and RH FLB (w) this year.
Orfi 2015
Orfi was the best dog rescue work in KCHBO - winner of of all breeds in club (malinois, tervuens, lakenois and Australian shepherd). She is perfect girl too. Picture is here
Aywy 2015
Aywy had boths atestations of our goverment in the end of 2015. We are real rescue team!
5.9.2015 Aywy win Czech cup of disaster (Český pohár ZZP3), 1. place, cup of Petr Staněk for best rescue work!
29.8.215 Aywy had titul CACT - she win Czech cup of wilderness (Český pohár ZTV podle ZTV3) , 1. place, CACT and cup for best rescue work! 
Orfi was the best Groenendael 2013 in rescue work in KCHBO. And the third best dog of all breeds club (malinois, tervuens, lakenois and Australian shepherd).
Aywy z Ohromujícího světa (border collie) won (2. place) Czech Cup ČEZ (rescue competition in search in rubble in 2013.
Aywy z Ohromujícího světa (border collie) won (1. place) Czech Cup (national rescue competition in the search nature-field) ZTV in 2013!!