In late February and early March I will go to international USAR medium team to Estonia with Aywy. 
Aywy: castration for health reasons. She had a cancer on the milk bar. She is fine now and we are still working together. I plan her with special meals and massages, and I care for her to make her feel good.
We raised litter D of border collies in the March. Dinadin, very nice brown tricolor bitch - granddaughter of Aywy stay at home
We were on several searching in last months. Average one search per month. 
I was on an attestation with Orfi - we did not succeed because we were poorly oriented in the room at night. I am so sorry.
We're waiting for an external litter of border collie.
Cikada Orfi ze Ztracené zahrady and myself were nominated on for 23rd IRO World Championship 2017 in Wien, Austria
I have encountered some slanders and unpleasant people. They forgot about good manners of envy and frustration. But I also have a lot of friends with whom I live full of life
Average 1 search per month.