Noked has an injured leg (slit in the paw pad). It's not serious, but today Noked stayed at home (we went on a trip without him). Sangie his pain felted and licking it and purified yesterday. I saw so seek the care of a dog against another dog for the first time in my life. Noked was very patient patient. He also allowed me to get him treated. He was totally calm and trust both of us.
13.2.2015 Sangie and Dolev mating
Today Sangie (Angie od Dvou cedru) and Dolev (Dolev de Solemel) worked on the puppies. First game and than mating - very nice and gentle. 

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1.1. 2015 Noked and Koral - two boys and friends
We are happy that they (Noked and Koral - both boys) are friends. They tolerate one other, do friendships without compete, give way to one another without ANY sign of aggression ... and our Koral knows how to fight, when a dog allows you to him...We worked on their relationship very few months. We watching them etc. Yesterday - firecrackers both chased into a lair and give each other support. That convinced us that we need not worry about them both out of my guides. And really - no problem: they are friends.
I love Sangie very much. But she is very unfriendly... at least in the first hours, and then at the bowl with food, the fence etc. I am troubled her behavior often. She has never bitten anyone, but she makes a terrible theatre - growling, grinning and throws it on a leash against other dogs. I had to work a lot on how to take my word she was able to ignore the dog and do not snarled. Only now (2 years of age) Sangie usually (but not always) listens me to behave good towards other dogs. But I can not still believe her. Noked is an absolute sweetheart! I know he's young. But Sangie manifested predominantly to dogs and bitches from the first moment with us (10 weeks old). That is why I am so excited that Noked is friendly. His first thought when he sees a foreign dog, is: "We will be friends?" Sangie's first meant when he sees a dog, is: "The enemy! I need to refer to it! You may need to fight it off! I'm in!" .. But in recent months, added the question "Got him off?" and wondering when I say "No, please". Sangie had several experiences that nicely played with the dog, who endured her scare in the first minutes. She then had a great joy to play and romp with him. Sometimes it was also a bitch. But not every owner can support such behavior and allow the game after that terrible beginning ...
Happy New Year!