Noked me Shaar Hagai - Canaan dog (male)

Noked Me Shaar Hagai

Born 6.12.2013 in Israel

I.S.A.P. 504537

Breeder: Myrna Shiboleth, Jeruzalém, Izrael

Owner: Dr. Kateřina Jančaříková

Colour: white and red

Chips number: 982000167771973

Registration 19.5.2014 v Izraeli

Import to Czech republic 11.7.2014 

Re-registration to Czech studbook 30.7.2014, number ZReg/CA/11/-14/13

DNA DM N/N ("Just for information - today I have received the DNA results for Kali and Karu for DM - both are Normal non carriers. Ziva and Noked are also Normal non carriers by parentage, both parents are normal non carriers. Myrna")

Teeth: all, scissor bite

RTG HD A/A, IEWG 0/0 and patella 0/0 - all by MVDr. Čáp, Prague 6.5.2015)

Normal level of thyroid hormones (6.5.2015). 

High: 55 cm

Weight: 24 kg

Health (to Julky 2016): healthy, without any problems.

Show success


Noked´s story:
Noked was born in Izrael in faumost Kennel of Canaan od Shaar Hagai of long time breeder and international judge Myrna Shibolet. Even when he was born, his photos touched my heart and I chose his name. At the time I didn ´t thought that I could ever bring a dog from such a distance. I just Myrna advised his name only ... but then something changed and I got the courage ... and money ... and after two months I have contacted Myrna whether I ever sold a pup. 
Myrna enthusiastically agreed, because she is training rescue dog too and she likes that Sangie practice. She promised me that she ever send me a puppy ... and after several days she wrote that she released one boy ... and I suddenly knew .. and really, it was Him .... 
A Czech word "Strakáč" (= Fleck, Spotty, Mottled or Striped), slightly modified, remained. Hebrew form Noked helped me choose Saša Flek and Gal Springman and Myrna. In a word Noked include "mottled", which I wanted from the beginning. Specifically, it is a word that refers to the Biblical story - is used in animals that received Jacob from Laban (nequdim, sg. Naqada = spotted). And ivrit is the meaning Noked = Shepherd. Just weird and perfect connection. 
In April, I was on Noked look. Just after the first show, which received a rating of "very promising 3" and very nice report. Unfortunately in the Czech Republic may he arrive in July. And so we grow and mature away from us. It's pretty sad and stressful. But we must endure it, otherwise we would not. Wish me luck, we managed everything with transport needed. 
This is the picture to which I've added in January name "Strakáč". 
We imported Noked in June 2014 from Izrael, through Vienna. He is our sweetheart. We love him so much. He's absolutely no problem young man.