Blessed Baffi Storytelling

Blessed Baffi Storytelling - 14. 6. 2012 - BREEDING FEMALE (Re-registered 8.2.2014)
(brown and white with tan)
owner: PhDr. Kateřina Jančaříková, Ph. D. + Ester Jancarikova, Lysa nad labem, Czech republic
colour: Chocolate & White - tan, rought
teeth: all. Scissor bite.
high: 49 cm
long: 54 cm
weight: 18 kg 
RTG HDA, DKK 0/0, ED 0/0, DKL 0/0, OCD free
CEA DNA N/N (normal / clear) by parents
NCL N/N (normal / clear) by parents
TNS: N/N (tested in Genomia)
MDR1 N/N (normal / clear) by parents
Thyroid hormones at corect level.
Complete clinical eye examination in 2014 - everything is fine.
Rescue exams: ZZZ
Others exams: ZZO
More info: Baffi is dog of my doughter Ester. Sometimes Jacob thing Baffi is his. Baffi is typical young border colli. Is is full of energy. Baffi loves running, jumping and playing. 
Breeding plans: We will cover her in the winter of the year 2015 probably.