Information about parents

Mother of puppies is our Sangie oficially Angie od Dvou cedru (V1, CAC, Club winner), HD B. 
Her pedegree is down on the page. Her father is Interchampion Chakede de Solemel (born 2.10.2007), he is Champion of Russia, Czech republic, Poland, 14x CACIB etc. Her mother is Interchampion Chanyah de Solemel (born 8.11.2007), HD A. 
Father of puppies is Dolev de Solemel (V1, CAC, BOB, Club winner), HD A (in 7 years). His pedigree is  here. His father is CH. Zik (Sans Affixe). His Mother is Ch. Lili me Shaar Hagai.