Litter B

Puppies was born 7.7.2016 - 3 boys (Baba Barak, Barzle, Boaz) and 5 girls (Bahat, Bar, Bashe, Bedolah, Brura)

Father: Noked me Shaar Hagai (import Israel) white with red spots, HD A/A, IEWG 0/0, patella 0/0, DNA DM N/N, normal thierod hormon level. All teeth scissor bite. BOB, BOS. BOJ. CAC ČR, CAJC, Club winner.

Mother: Angie od Dvou cedru, sand, HD B/B. All teeth scissor bite. CAC ČR, Club winner.

One girl (Brura) stay at home. She was born for me!


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